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The FEMPEE™ Portable Female Urination Device makes it possible for women to urinate in a standing position. In addition to the hygienic benefits and the practical aspect, FEMPEE™ protects you against infections and puts an end to ‘hanging’ in awkward positions over the toilet bowl (especially for pregnant, sick or elderly women).

• Practical for outdoors where hygienic conditions are usually lacking
• Effective way of filling a cup for a urine sample
• Protects your bladder against infections
• One size for all women
• Easy to take with you
• Moisture-resistant
• Without any allergie

With the FEMPEE™ you just stand in front of the toilet! Collect urine samples and fill specimen bottles simply, without any effort and without dirtying your hands!

The FEMPEE™ is designed to fit women of any age and can be taken on trips abroad. It is ideal for pregnant women, or women who have a hernia and have trouble sitting down. It is also ideal for urine samples.

Very simple to use. The FEMPEE™ hygienic cone is held with one hand and springs into its correct shape simply by pressing either side. Its anatomical shape has been tested and adapts to all women. Thanks to its wide edge, there is NO RISK at all of urinating to one side of it and getting your clothes wet.

Perfectly hygienic: The FEMPEE™ is manufactured with Medical Grade Silicone under strict bacteriological control and it has been sterilized by Gamma Irradiation.

Compact and small so you can carry it with you all the time.

FEMPEE™ means a real improvement in feminine hygiene.

Do you have to pee? And no bathroom in sight? Are you waiting in a queue and can't hold it any longer? Have you found a toiled that repels you? Do you urgently need to pee but have a ski suit on? Do you pursue a sport or job where you can't "spend a penny"? Are you fishing? Sailing? Bicycling? Camping? Are you physically disabled? Do you have to provide a urine sample to your doctor? Are you pregnant? Are you going to a concert? Adverse weather? This is why FEMPEE™!

Ideal design and size.
Practical "handle" for better handling or hanging.
Rounded edge for improved sealing.
Narrow tube for safe outlet of urine.
Reusable and environmentally friendly – lasts up to 15 years when maintained properly.
Storable thanks to a flexible material!
100% medically safe thanks to the use medical grade silicone!
No latex allergies! BPA-free! Phthalates free!
Simple maintenance!

FEMPEE™ is for me because…
I have a hip replacement; I have broken my leg; I have had an amputation; I am obese; I suffer from urinary incontinence; I have a small bladder; I am physically impaired; I am wheelchair-bound; I am bedridden for a long time; I am pregnant; I need to provide a urine sample to my doctor; I drive; I am a sport pilot; I am a police woman; I am a soldier; I am at a festival or concert; I play golf; I ski; I ride horses; I am a mountain climber; I run long-distance tracks; I am sailing; I am camping; I am hiking.

Instructions for use:
1. Place FEMPEE™ against your body to ensure full sealing
2. Direct in the right direction and use
3. Place back in its case for the next use
(if possible, wipe with FEMPEE™ Sterile Natural Intimate Wet Wipe
or wash with water and FEMPEE™ Natural Soft Soap)



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